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Intuitive and spiritual astrology. Natal and relocation astrology services.


Astrology Readings

Natal Astrology

Your natal chart is your real identity card in this life.It presents graphically the planetary positions at the moment of your birth and offers information on your personality, on your attitudes and abilities, on your emotional nature, but also on your relationships, family life, career, money, hobbies, health, religious and spiritual issues. Fee: £30.

Karmic Astrology

This is a special kind of reading of your natal chart which focuses on the astrological elements concerning your spiritual evolution and offers valuable information on the development of your karma helping you improve your destiny and approach life from a more spiritual angle. Fee: £30.

Predictive Astrology

This reading will offer you insight on the astrological influences of a specific moment or time range helping you to understand the unfolding of your life and consequently make informed decisions in every moment. Fee: £30.

Relational Astrology

This reading offers insight on relationships by the study of the natal charts of two persons on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Fee: £30.

Relocation Astrology

This kind of astrological reading offers information on most auspicious places in the world or in a certain area for you to travel or relocate to, based on your natal chart. Read this article for details. Fee: £20.

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Astrology Blog

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While finding out your sign of birth is reasonably easy, getting your detailed horoscope can be more of a daunting experience. With the wide variety of generalised information available on websites and other media, members of the public have been influenced to think that these generalised reports are astrological interpretations. This form of generalized information […]

Why do we need astrology ?

For some people, knowing and following their path is an easy thing to do and it comes naturally, while for others this can be a very difficult task as they get distracted by so many routines and as a result they may become very unhappy with themselves after a while, wishing to take a brake […]

What is relocation astrology?

What is relocation astrology? Relocation astrology provides the opportunity to get a sense of what a place might be like for you, even though you may have never been there. That could be of a great help, if you are planning to move or take a longer trip. There are two main techniques in relocation […]